Monday, March 28, 2011

Alas, poor mouse

Today I subbed at one of my regular gigs, freshman science at OHS. I knew already that 1) this was an unexpected absence and so there were no lesson plans, I would have to make it up and 2) I would have a first period prep to do so. I didn't even go to the classroom, just straight to the library to use the computers to print out two articles on earthquake preparedness (2 different lengths/reading levels) and then back to the office to photocopy and staple them. After chatting with some teachers I headed up to the room to get ready, with about 10-15 minutes to spare.

I noticed a white board propped against the teacher desk with "Mouse Names" at the top and several suggestions below. (Some of my favorites included "Khadafi," "Osama," and "Despereaux.") There must be a new pet, I thought, to add to the turtles and house plants already there. I saw the cage and headed over to look - and there he was, curled up asleep in his food bowl. I looked closer and he didn't move. I tapped the glass and he didn't move. Fearing the worst, I opened the cage and tapped his cold furry back.

Yup. Dead.

Quickly, I put the cage in the back storage room and locked it tight. When the kids came in I insisted their teacher had taken the mouse home and that's why the cage wasn't there. At lunch I called her cell and gave her a heads up so she can either find a matching grey mouse or break the news to them. I mean, that's why she gets the big bucks and I'm "just a sub."

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