Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The news from Japan sucks and is scary.

Charlie Sheen is getting more attention than cuts to education and attacks on public employees.

The weather here is gray gray gray and the educational forecast is just as gloomy.

This is the season when stress, rumors, and rumblings about the budget situation for the next school year raise and moods lower. The tax revenue numbers, retirement notices, and student enrollment choices haven't been tallied, so all people can go on is rumors, assumptions, and worst-case-scenario estimates.

Basically there is a gloom train that goes round and round the staff room and round and round my head.

Every March I get a little hopeful for the upcoming job market and then a lot depressed about the future out-of-work teachers in line in front of me and the lack of job openings waiting for us. Do I sub again next year? Do I jump ship and try a new career? Do I gamble on adding another endorsement? Those last two options take planning and commitments that are directly opposed to the "wait-and-see" of teaching jobs, which can open up as late as October.

I think I just need some sun to try and boost my mood!

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