Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Test Tomorrow!

Adding a middle school math endorsement to my license - I hope!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

No officer, he was wrapped in packing tape BEFORE I arrived ...

Well, it has now been a week temping! I'm not sure if subbing has shortened my attention span or if this job is truly boring, but I was feeling mentally DONE in the warehouse at the end of the day yesterday. Each potential task has lost its luster, my feet hurt, and my arms and hands were dry and scratched from packing the cardboard boxes with stiff paper and getting tape glue all over me.

This morning did not start out much better, as I grabbed a scan gun to start filling orders and item after item was out of stock, in the wrong place, or not bar coded. I took each concern to one of the managers (his name is Forrest but I call him Captain GrumpyPants) because, well, I'm a temp! I can't solve these problems! Anyways, each question was met with a heavy sigh. I nearly lost it by incident number three ("is the part ready yet?" "Yes, it's on the shelf" .... "I found the part but the number is off by one ... " "SIGH!!!! It's not the same part!"). Well, I know that buddy, but it's not where you said it would be and in fact it still doesn't exist like you said it did and aren't you glad I ASKED instead of sending out the wrong part? Sheesh.

Luckily, before anyone died a gruesome, gluey tape death they called me back upstairs for more data entry. This time I'm in an office with someone else so I can stop talking to myself all the time AND I get to make check marks on the paper after I find some inane piece of data, so that's a plus. I'm sure I'll be horribly bored of this by lunch tomorrow but at least my feet won't hurt.

Friday, July 9, 2010


That goodness it's Friday ...


Temping Get Intellectually Freeing


Durrr ... I push the button and make numbers go poof!

So, Bobbi in HR had me verify orders. Or something. Pretty much the company is behind mainly because one task that did not get done in their inventory overhaul this summer is to:

Highlight an order number, Ctrl C copy it.
Ctrl V paste it into another screen. Hit "Find."
Double Click the order.
See that the order exists.
Mark it "In progress."

Magically it will appear in shipping (where I have been for the last two days) and they can get it out the door. 10 days after it was ordered.

So that is what I did all day. Sat in a hot cubical and saw that orders did in fact, exist.

During the school year, when the kids are throwing things and sneezing on me and being loud I often fantasize about going to work in nice clothes, maybe even pretty shoes, and sitting at a desk with nifty little walls that keep the germs out. At this desk I control the information input - I can choose to do one thing or perhaps to get a little crazy and multitask 2 things - rather than keeping an eye on 30 little things who exist to stymie me. Adults come by and ask questions like, "where are the TPS reports," rather than "how do you treat a yeast infection?" (Yes, this happened once.)

This has been a good reminder that I thrive on action, movement, creativity, and fun. That kids might be dumb sometimes, but at least they have an excuse - they're KIDS! Can't wait for September!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Temping is like subbing, only with grown-ups ...

I have signed on with a temp agency. I figure, if I can survive random subjects at random schools with random students, then I can survive data entry for Peggy in HR. Right?

My first placement started this week, with about 11 hours notice. Sub life? Check.

It was for something I was kinda-sorta prepared for, warehouse work. Currently, I work part time for an online women's accessories place, so I'm used to getting an order, going to the right spot to find the item, and figuring out the difference between "lavender" and "purple." This place is industrial cleaning supplies, so I have to get an order, go to the right spot, and figure out the difference between "1001.2398" and "1000.2398." Boring, but check.

And, oh, the characters. Here is a run-down.

Rob. Rob is the warehouse manager. He is a total DBag. (Late to work, matchy-matchy hat and t-shirt, awful tattoos, insincere "how's it going?" questions, taking time to chat up the receptionists from upstairs.)

Brad and Tony. They are awesome. Hilarious, professional, and actually pretty nice to us temp folk. Sure, a little rough around the edges, but whatever.

Angie. Angie has been there two weeks, also from the temp agency, and is awesome. I seriously thought she worked there for years when I started.

Jason. Jason is the other temp who started the same day I did. Jason is like a big bouncy dog - a little dumb but trainable, overall likeable but can get annoying, really really really wants to be liked, especially by the "big dogs," Brad and Tony. You know when 2 guys meet and start trying to be cool yet friendly? "Yeah man, I love video games. GTA 4 is alright, but I totally beat it really fast." "Yeah, totally. The graphics on the next one are supposed to be sweet." I get to overhear this crap every time Jason is paired with another guy.

Anyway, they are going to transfer me upstairs to do data stuff tomorrow, with Bobbi in HR. We'll see if my nodding and smiling skills from subbing will suffice.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Hope everyone has a relaxing day. I'm headed out to the country to sip beverages on a friend's porch and eat potluck BBQ.