Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring fever

The fever is not cured by cowbell.

It's cured by job postings!!

Ah, yes, it's that time again when an administrator's cool indifference turns to fancy as they realize that September will be here soon. And strangely enough, in my region, there have been quite a few art jobs posted, no small feat in this economy. Still, each one is getting hundreds of applicants, and since it is all online nowadays there is no opportunity to "stand out" - even having nice resume paper is outdated.

Any ideas on how to shine in a black and white digital world?


  1. No new ideas here. We don't even have any postings here, much less for art. But good luck with your applications!!

  2. Graphics, making your right or left alignment an interesting shape, dignified but cool (you know, "artistic" somehow) fonts... just some things that popped into my head. May require submitting your resume as a jpg rather than .doc or .pdf, though... no idea if that's allowable, but again, just am throwing random thoughts out there...

  3. Most of them are PDF, although maybe you are onto something.