Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Movie Day

What are your thoughts on having the kids watch a movie on "sub day"??

My thoughts are:

Pros- it's easy, it's quiet, and kids usually either get into it or just fall asleep or something.

Cons - kids see right through that flimsy lesson plan, sometimes the technology does not work and then you are really up a creek, and I have to watch the same bleedin' video up to 5 times. Blech!


  1. I agree with your pros and cons! I had a movie meltdown during music a couple of weeks ago:

    I find that if it's a good film and connected to what they're doing, they get into it. Then I use that time to write, edit, and/or blog.

  2. If the kids are into it and might actually learn something from it, then I'm all for it. Especially if they have some sort of worksheet with questions they'll find the answers to in the movie. Then they might actually pay attention too! :)

    I agree that having the technology where it's supposed to be and actually working is vital!