Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prep Period

As a sub, sometimes you really need your prep period. Getting the lessons ready, pre-reading the book or assignment, using the computer to arrange/confirm future jobs, going to the bathroom, cleaning up from previous students - these are all important activities. Sometimes you just need to chill out from the crazy classes or mentally prepare for the next.

But sometimes, you are really, really bored. This is especially true if there is no computer available or if you can't log on. Unnecessary prep periods can be a great time to earn gold stars as a sub. Some stuff to try:

-Go to the library and offer to shelve/organize books.
-Go to the art room and offer to clean painting supplies or organize materials, or to hang up work in a display or bulletin board.
-Go to the staff room and do any dishes in the sink.

Any others?


  1. If I have nothing to do during a prep period, and it is near the end of the day, I will straighten up the room, pick up large debris from the floor, and generally try to make the classroom look neater than it was when I arrived (without moving any piles of papers, of course).

  2. Agreed. The most important butt to kiss is the butt that hired you in the first place!

  3. Ah, but the key is to not actually appear to be kissing a butt! I never say anything about it when I do it. It is just part of the deeply-ingrained habits I got from my parents and Scouting when I was younger: leave no trace, and leave it better than you found it.

    Funny story: just yesterday afternoon I was subbing for a teacher who splits her duties with another. The morning teacher was still there when I arrived and as I was going through the plans, she made some suggestions for what I could do if we had down time (mostly books I could read to the class). Then she said, "Oh, and I wouldn't mind at all if you tried to straighten up my area!" (pointing to piles of papers all over the desk and windowsills).

    I told her that I usually try to straighten things up and she responded that teachers definitely appreciate it. Glad to know I was right! :)