Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Day

Two awful movies.

1. Pay It Forward. Oh dear Lord, it's just painful to watch Spacey, Hunt, and the creepy kid in their earnest and fruitless quest for an Oscar.

2. Shark Tale. Everything that is wrong with kids' movies. Cheesy urban lingo: check. Madonna/whore female characters: check. Glossing over really bad life decisions like credit and gambling: check. Sir Mix-a-Lot: check.

Any particular hated movies for you?


  1. Pay it Forward is up there!

    Shrek 3. They had long sucked everything that was new and interesting out of the original idea. Shrek 2 had already been pushing it, so they should've known better.

  2. I've gotta say, I hate The Day After Tomorrow. I don't know how many times they made me watch that in high school, but it was more than anyone should ever have to watch that movie, ever. A dramatized disaster movie is not educational! (I'm a college student now, looking to be a teacher. By the by: Its very interesting for me to read your blog! It reminds me why I haven't given up on my seemingly pointless lecture classes yet. You know, the ones that assign tons of pages of reading that we never even touch on in class?)

  3. Ha! I don't think a lecture OR reading could ever describe the teaching experience. I try here, but I still am not happy with my ability to convey the humor, joy, discovery, and frustration one experiences in the classroom.