Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guten Morgen, Mein Kinder!

Taught German class this afternoon!!!

So fun -

A) I got to brush up on and test my German skills

B) At OHS - love those kids

C) Got to watch "Shrek" dubbed in German and a film I hadn't seen, "Advertising Rules" - German with English subtitles. It was really good and I wish I knew how it ended.


  1. I'm not down for German. I don't know many German words, so it would be worse than when I teach high school Math.

  2. Sometimes its OK not to know the subject matter (as long as the teacher leaving lesson plans is aware!) I also sub for OHS's Spanish teacher, who usually conducts class exclusively in Spanish. The students love a break from that, and my mispronounciations, and teaching me some words. In advanced math, we often figure things out together, or I have students help each other which forces them to meet and rely on classmates they didn't usually interact with because the teacher would help them.