Monday, March 1, 2010

The Question

"So, what's new with the job search?" "Any jobs out there?" "Have you heard anything about hiring?" While I love, love, love that so many of the teachers I work for care about me and my career, that question (especially in the stasis of February) is akin to some of my other favorites:

"So... when are you two kids getting married?"

"Have you thought about just BUYING a home?"

"Babies are so much fun ... are you next?"

I guess the answer to all of the above (except the baby one) would be "I would if I could people, but until you get a magic wand, you might stop with the frustrating questions!!"


  1. Groan. I hate answering that first question. Nobody believes me when I say, "There are no jobs." Or "There are so few jobs that my resume doesn't even get me in for an interview."

    For me, that question is up there with, "You getting a book published yet?"

  2. I hear you! I've been unemployed since the end of September, and I hate being asked "So, where are you working now?" by people I knew post-job-loss, and "Have you found a job yet?" by the others who know I got laid off. I feel like I have to go into the spiel about how there aren't a lot of jobs to choose from out there and how every posting gets a hundred or more applicants, and the employers can afford to be super picky if they want to. Job hunting sucks!

  3. Ha! I totally thought I was the only one! I wished people realized that school districts don't hire from October-March unless there is an emergency, so no new job opportunities! Hang in there, guys!